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Lean Manufacturing | KaizenTrek

Kaizen (Continuous Improvement) encompasses the full spectrum of Lean manufacturing.

Using the principles and tools of Lean Manufacturing will allow you to move your manufacturing process through Kaizen events, each one designed to “reduce waste”. Waste is built in to every process. We don’t see it because we have so many pressing issues that managing waste gets hidden. Schedule, expediting, and fire drills drive the day-to-day activities, and we can never get ahead of the curve — the more we operate in this mode, the more we have to continue to operate in this mode.

Our initial goal is to use the existing resources (people, equipment, floor space, materials, work hours) to increase profitability. The team at Kaizen Trek will do this personally, with your people, using your existing resources. This teaches your people how to start leading teams themselves. Using the Lean philosophy, Lean tool sets and your team’s training, we implement changes with you that trim away all the activities in the business that do not add value to your products or services, the waste.

Looking to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), we can baseline average effects for improvements. As we implement the tools of Lean, we will document the current state, using value stream maps (see Lean Tools). This allows us to project a desired future state, and document the needed waste-reduction events and projects needed to attain it.

The results are amazing. With no outlay in capital, you can reduce your cost to produce by 30%. Your company’s work-in-process investment decreases up to 90%, as products move through the shop more smoothly. Your lead time is reduced by up to 95%, which allows you adjust to customer demand as changes occur. All of these things increase your bottom line.

work in process
load time

With all the improvements that you get from making these simple and effective shifts in your existing resources, you will still see many other benefits. You will have marked improvements in productivity, which is a result of eliminating the wastes in your associates’ workdays. You will gain improvements in floor space, from eliminating unnecessary storage and organizing the workflow. Surprisingly, quality improvements are gained at averages of 90% because errors made are discovered much sooner and usually corrected while the work is underway.

Space Utilization

Kaizen Trek works to help clients have immediate measurable results. We practice the philosophy of Genchi Genbutsu, we go to the source with your people to find the facts that empower us make the correct decisions. We go to the manufacturing floor or the offices and work with your teams to create bottom-line improvements in your product line. In the process, we mentor your teams, empowering them as future continuous improvement team leaders.

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