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Your business is complicated. It’s quite possible that the administration, tracking, storage, retrieval and transportation of your products and services is taking far more effort than their actual production. You’re not alone. I’m here to help.

Jack Reeder

Lean Transformation Strategist

The Need for Lean Transformation

You are an educator, manufacturer, service provider, healthcare provider, bank, insurance company, or are administrative support group for one of these organizations. Your people may be growing increasingly frustrated with their contributions to the business. You may have noticed competitors who are moving in on your customers. You might have noticed:

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  • Deliveries are late, unless manually expedited

  • Quality is inconsistent

  • Productivity is falling

  • Many units of your work in process, but not yet finished

  • Workplaces are cluttered and not visually well-organized

  • Islands of specialization frequently constrain what you can do

All these symptoms do not add to your ability to produce better products and services, but they all cost money, take time, and drain vital resources. According to the National Institute of Standards and Technology, it takes approximately 20 times as long to deliver a product or service as the work it takes to actually produce it.

We can do better with Lean Transformation.

Much better.

And soon.

Results of Lean Transformation

Measurable results will start within a few weeks of beginning your Lean Transformation. Although results vary by business sector, these are indicative of results in education, government, manufacturing, sales, banking, insurance, retail and medical fields.

Lean Reductions

Cost: 30%
Work-In-Process: 90%
Lead Time: 95%

Lean Improvements

Productivity: 50%
Space Utilization: 75%
Quality: 90%

*Average results verified by the National Institute of Standards and Technology

The Basis for Lean Transformation: 5S

5S is summarized by cleaning up and visually organizing the workplace, whether it is a shop, office, or other part of the business. This initial step of the Toyota Production System is accomplished in 5 overlapping steps:

Kaizen Trek personnel do not arrive at you organization and start dictating how you should do your business. The 5S process is accomplished through trained, management-directed teams of your people who actually do the work. This is the first step in developing them to undertake improving their part of the business. Later, they may be asked to join a cross-functional team to tackle larger-scale challenges.

5S is not busywork or a consultant time generating ploy. (Most of it, after people are trained, is accomplished on your own.) Extensions of 5S concepts form the basis of the entire Lean system: Lean is visual. Lean is measured. Lean is clean and organized. Lean is standardized, and Lean is team-based.

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